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Thursday, 17 April 2014

How To Make Your Internet Connection Faster

Speed Up Internet

If you are facing slow internet speed then try these tips. May be after performing this you will get faster internet! Yes, slow internet speed really hurts. It wastes our time and energy. We get angry on internet if we have to do something and suddenly you face slow internet speed. That is the worst scenario in today’s life. To enjoy allure of the internet, we have to do some basic things which really works. You may know all these tips but if you don’t please read all the tips it will really help. No matter what connection you have DSL, dial up or wireless. These tips and tricks are useful for internet speed boosting. Let us see all the tips.

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Tuesday, 15 April 2014

Enjoy YouTube Video In Low Lights And Awesome Effects

Turn off the lights Youtube

We have to admit that we all love YouTube. Watching videos online is now very common. YouTube is really speed and easy to access. Now if you are YouTube lover, then you will love this post! Yes, we are going to show you how you can enjoy YouTube videos to the fullest. You go to the theaters and you enjoy movies more in dark room. So here also we are going to create somewhat same scenario. “Turn off the lights” is the extension which can give you more entertainment while watching videos. It will turn the background to black which will feel as you are in theaters. Sounds cool, isn’t it? So let us see how to make your YouTube videos more enjoyable.

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Friday, 11 April 2014

How To Make Your First Andriod Application

Create Android App

Sounds cool, right? Creating an android application requires high knowledge and best skills in programming languages such as JAVA. But today, you are going to make a simple application that is “Hello World” app in just 10 minutes! May be less than that. Creating a hello world application is first step for every programmer. So here we will go through little technical part. We will not discuss about the high end apps here we will just learn how these apps are made and how you can create your own too. There is a simple process to create android applications by Android Development Tools. You just have to create Android environment on your PC to create and run android applications. So let us see how we can create a simple Hello World Application.

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Tuesday, 8 April 2014

Hide Facebook Timeline From Specific People Using Restricted List

Hide Facebook Post from one specific person

Hello Facebookers! It really feels bad when someone stalk our profile and do misuse of that. Even sometimes you can’t block them just because he/she is your friend. There are some people who interfere in your life by sending friend request to your other best friends. It is really annoying, isn’t it? But now you can tackle this problem by using this method. It is the best method to hide your timeline post from one specific person or from group of peoples. You don’t need to block then or unfriend them. Simply you just have to put their names on restricted list and that’s it! There is some limitations about this method that we will discuss later. So read on and hide your all timeline post with one specific friend.

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Monday, 7 April 2014

Create Wi-Fi Hotspot On Laptop Or Desktop

Create WiFi Hotspot

I know this is really easy to do but for our newbie users I will guide you how to convert or start a Wi-Fi hotspot in your computer or laptop to use your PC’s internet connection on other device. No doubt if you have a fast broadband connection on PC you will be eager to use the same speed on mobile phones. But the major drawback is hotspots are not pre-installed on you system. So now, we will use a simple and free application which can share your primary internet connection with other devices. Light weight, simple, fast and easy to access. This application will help you to create a hotspot. Have a look.

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Saturday, 5 April 2014

Best Video Converter Software For Desktop

Convert Videos

Videos are the best media which we see with interest. It can be a full length film or a small funny video you enjoy every bit of it. If you like watching videos then you must have a video converter software. If you have multiple device for watching videos then the video formats will make you angry just because it is not supported in your other device like mobile phone. To run videos on mobile phones you have to convert it in common format. In PC most of the videos have high quality formats such as MKV or AVI which is not supported by many devices. So to avoid this problem, let us use the simple and effective software called as Any Video Converter. Have a look.

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Friday, 4 April 2014

How To Earn Money From Twitter Tweets

Earn Money With Twitter

Obviously earning money online is not a simple task. Some people says it is very easy and you can earn lots of money per day sitting at home. But in reality it is hard to earn an awesome amount sitting from home. Today, we will learn how to monetize your twitter account easily and earn lots of bucks using your tweets. It’s really simple and easy. Here we will not say you will earn thousands of bucks instantly, but it will help to earn some extra income along with your normal income. The ways which is explained here is totally legitimate and you will be paid for sure. Let us see how tweets will bring extra money in your home. Have a look.

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