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Tuesday, 22 July 2014

Save Links, Places and Movies In Facebook

Facebook Saved Feature

Got an important link in Facebook? Don’t have time to check out? Don’t worry! Just save it with the click of a button! Facebook introduced social bookmarking feature which will help you to save important links and pages to check it later. No need of bookmarking in your browser. Facebook is cloud so you can access your saved item from anywhere. Isn’t it cool? You can save item from your Facebook mobile application or from web version of Facebook. After saving it, you can get these links anywhere anytime. This feature was introduced just now and Facebook is making all necessary changes to the accounts. It will be live for all the accounts after some days.

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Thursday, 17 July 2014

Chat Late At Night Using Night Mode In Android

Night Mode app

In this modern life everyone like to chat late at night. After the stressful day in work or in college, people mostly chat and hang out with friends in the internet at night. Which has some side effects too. Side effects is not only of the eyes but it can create problem in family too! Yes, I hope youngsters got me! Jokes apart, this application in android is really amazing and helps you to chat and watch at screen for long time at night. Now using this you can easily chat with your friends, girl friend or enjoy any kind of things in your mobile phone at night. Have a look!

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Tuesday, 8 July 2014

Five Internet Tricks You Should Know!

Internet Tricks and tips

Internet is really an awesome thing in the world. In this modern life we can’t even imagine life without internet connection! Social media and other things are getting very important on the internet. I think you don’t need any introduction to internet. You know what its need is and how it works. Today we are going to discuss some simple but awesome tricks which will blow your mind. These are the things which is really different and you will say after performing each trick “I didn’t know that!” So let us see the latest and best internet tricks which can be used in browser and on web. Have a look!

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Thursday, 3 July 2014

IDM Giveaway: Download With Super Speed Using Internet Download Manager!

Internet Download Manager Giveaway

Who doesn’t like downloading contents at super speed? Yes, today we are going to talk about speed! That is, the awesome software called Internet Download manager. I don’t think you need any introduction of this software! Used by millions of people worldwide, this software has done miracle in the field to downloading contents. The features of Internet Download Manager (IDM) is best and it can manage many downloads and also maintain the speed of your internet. Here we are going to describe the best features of IDM and at the end you will get a chance to win this software absolutely for free! So what are you waiting for? Explore the world of rocket speed internet!

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Wednesday, 2 July 2014

Best Feature Loaded Smartphones Under Rs. 7000

Mobiles below Rs 7000

Looking for cheap and best handsets in the market? Then you should check this article once! We are going to tell the best five smartphones which are cheap in price and best in their features. Best brands and awesome specifications are there in just around Rupees 7000! Brands like Micromax, Nokia, Samsung has best and cheap mobile phones which you can afford easily and they are not less than any other big phones. Looks good and awesome features with best performance. Check out the list of five mobile which is priced under 7000 in year 2014. Have a look.

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Tuesday, 1 July 2014

Buy Vertu Signature Touch Phone Worth Rs. 780000!

Vertu Signature Touch

You will definitely think I am kidding here! But believe me, what you read just now is absolutely correct. Yes, one of the biggest mobile brand in England, Vertu, introduced an awesome device which is meant for high class people and it is a luxury phone. Made with purest material and awesome features the phone looks very stylish and has many extraordinary things as said by the manufacturer. The name of this mobile phone is Vertu Signature Touch. The mobile phone is specially made in England and is exported to many other countries including India. In Indian the price of this mobile phone is around Rs. 7,80,000! Usually we don’t disclose price first but in this case the price is the main factor! Let us see what other things it has which made it super expensive!

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Friday, 20 June 2014

Fix Pen Drive Empty Problem Even The Drive Is Full

Fix Folder empty of pen drive

We all encounter such problem once if we use our PC regularly. Computer systems show a pen drive empty even if there is lot of files and folders in the drive. It is actually not the problem of your flash drive, it is just because the antivirus or some attribute error in the system. We all faced this issue. In this tutorial I will show you a simple and effective way to get all your files in such type of pen drive. It works like a charm. You can see all your contents and files in the pen drive in just simple steps. Follow the procedure and see the magic. Have a look!

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