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Wednesday, 22 April 2015

How To Disable Images Of Websites in Chrome

Disable Images in Chrome

Sometimes it is very important to disable the images in the websites. Suppose if you have a slow internet connection then you can simply turn off images loading so that your website can load faster and you can feel fast internet. Images in the website are the heaviest content. Almost 50-80% of the data is consumed just because of images. So if you disable the images, you can save lot of data and also your website will be loaded super-fast! We already covered this topic of disabling images in Firefox. Now we will do this for Chrome! Read more!

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Sunday, 19 April 2015

How to Crop Computer Screen Shot Perfectly

edit screenshots easily

Screenshots are the very important thing if we want to show some procedure or for any other purpose of computer. Sometimes it is necessary to highlight some portion of screenshot or to crop the image. If there is any sensitive information, we should blur them. So all these edits in the screenshots is very easy and we can do this using a program which is very simple to use. The software is called PhotoScape which is really a very helpful tool for image editing. The program is so easy that you can easily use it. Also, you can edit it professionally using many inbuilt tools of PhotoScape! Let us see more about this!

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Thursday, 16 April 2015

WhatsApp Released New Material Design For Android

WhatsApp New Design

WhatsApp, the largest online chatting application changed its user interface this week. The application is now adopted the material design approach in Android. This is now in beta version and the official release in Google Play Store will be available soon. The new design looks awesome. It will be little problematic for 2-3 days because you are used to the normal design of WhatsApp. But after that you will love this new design. The design aims at the awesome and elegant look adapting the essence of the Android operating system and cool transitions and animations. Have a look on these new user interface look!

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Saturday, 11 April 2015

10 Points to Remember While Transacting Online

Safe tips to do safe online transaction

Do you want that awesome jacket from Flipkart? Or the best saree with 40% off! All these deals excite you in this online world! But besides excitement, you fear also to give your financial details to the website or other services and you don’t buy your favorite things. It happens to many people they still worry to give out the card details to the merchant. If you are one of them then read on! Here we will discuss the 10 safe points which you have to consider before doing any online transaction! Even if you buy regularly just go through this once! Have a look.

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Wednesday, 8 April 2015

List of Best Mobile Phones Under Rs. 7000 in 2015

Best Mobiles below 7000 in 2015

If you are searching for the best cheap mobile phones then you are right place. Here we will discuss about the latest 5 mobiles which are below Rs. 7000 price range. These mobile are available in Flipkart and all are top mobiles in India. Finding smartphones below 7000 is really very hard task as we have to see the maximum good features along with the price. So we decided to make a list of top latest mobiles which is cheap and best in features. All 5 mobiles are branded and has best features available in this price. Have a look!

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Friday, 3 April 2015

Solve 3 GB Usable RAM Problem! Possible Solutions.

3 GB usable RAM problem

RAM usable problem is quite common now. If you just installed a 4 GB RAM or 8 GB RAM on your system then you may face this type of issue. It is not the fault of RAM. It is the problem with your operating system. If you install a 4 GB RAM, then PC only detects 3.2 GB RAM or less. There are many solutions to this problem. We will discuss all known solution here. This article is composed by my personal experience. 3 GB usable RAM problem is bit common and you may find many solutions. I searched many sites and finally I wrote this and mentioned all working solutions. Have a look.

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Thursday, 26 March 2015

Facebook Advertisement CPC and CPL in India

Facebook Advertisement CPC

Facebook is a great place for business owners to reach out to maximum peoples. Marketers can use Facebook advertising to boost their social presence and also to make the sales chart graph high. Many people still confused how to use this all networks to get maximum profit and get the best Return on Investment (ROI). Many people always ask questions about cost per click, cost per like, how much Facebook charge us to show your ad, Facebook advertising cost and so on. Today we will clear all the aspects of Facebook advertisements and I will reveal the average CPC in India which I got from my personal experience.

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