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Tuesday, 19 August 2014

How To Check Facebook Profile Fake or Real

Check Facebook Fake Profiles

This question arises in our mind when we receive new friend request mainly from unknown people. In Facebook there are many people who like to make new friends. Since it is prohibited to make new friends according to Facebook guidelines, people still do it. It is not the problem. The main problem is many people also try to fake themselves and send friend request to many. Mostly people create girl’s profile using any random beautiful profile picture and send request to boys. Now here the big question comes, this girl is fake or real? Let us see how to check out whether the girl is fake or real. Simple tips to find out fake profiles in Facebook.

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Sunday, 17 August 2014

How To View Facebook Private Profile Pictures

View Private Facebook Profile Pictures

Hello friends, today we will going to learn something interesting! Yes, the title is really correct and you can see the full size profile picture of any one! It works very well and you don’t need to install any apps! Just a simple trick and you can see any profile picture. In Facebook, many people keep their display picture as “Friends” or “Friends of Friends”. That means the picture is not in public privacy and you can’t see the profile picture. Many times we just sit help less because we want to see the full DP of that person and you can’t do it. But today onward, you can easily view pictures that are hidden. Learn more to know how it is possible!

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Thursday, 14 August 2014

Secure Your Android Smartphone From Theft Or Loss

Protect Android Device From theft or loss

Ever thought what if your mobile phone is lost or stolen by any thief? You may land in trouble if you don’t have any security in your android mobile phone! Basically android mobile has many built in security features but people won’t use that to its fullest. Today here we will mention some simple and basic tips to make your mobile more secure and it will help you to get your mobile back even it is lost. Keeping your mobile and data safe is the first important thing. Because now a days people use mobile more and have many precious data inside it which can be easily misused if it goes to wrong hands. So let us start securing our android mobiles!

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Wednesday, 6 August 2014

How To Hide Files Inside Images Without Any Software

Hide files inside images

Do you know, a simple looking doll’s image can also contain many secret data inside it? Yes, today we are going to discuss about the simple and easy trick of hiding secret files in the jpg image which will look and open as picture but if you explore more, you can get secret data inside! Yes, you heard it right. This trick is simple and today we will show you how you can also hide stuffs inside a jpg picture and open it whenever necessary! Hiding data like this is really very easy and a normal computer user won’t dare to make out also. Let us learn how we can do this trick in simple steps.

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Monday, 28 July 2014

Free Recharges From Earn Talk Time and Ladooo Apps: Review

Earn free Recharges From ETT and Ladooo App

If you are Indian and have any Indian SIM cards then this article is for you! Applications like Earn TalkTime and Ladooo can help you to do recharges on your mobile phone! Just you need is an Android mobile and internet. Earning free recharges is very simple in this apps. Many people will think these apps is just fooling people, but in my opinion they pay you really! I tried these apps and worked fine. Even I recharged more than Rs. 100 from these application in just 2 weeks duration! Do you want to earn free recharges like this? Read on and follow the simplest procedure!<

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Tuesday, 22 July 2014

Save Links, Places and Movies In Facebook

Facebook Saved Feature

Got an important link in Facebook? Don’t have time to check out? Don’t worry! Just save it with the click of a button! Facebook introduced social bookmarking feature which will help you to save important links and pages to check it later. No need of bookmarking in your browser. Facebook is cloud so you can access your saved item from anywhere. Isn’t it cool? You can save item from your Facebook mobile application or from web version of Facebook. After saving it, you can get these links anywhere anytime. This feature was introduced just now and Facebook is making all necessary changes to the accounts. It will be live for all the accounts after some days.

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Thursday, 17 July 2014

Chat Late At Night Using Night Mode In Android

Night Mode app

In this modern life everyone like to chat late at night. After the stressful day in work or in college, people mostly chat and hang out with friends in the internet at night. Which has some side effects too. Side effects is not only of the eyes but it can create problem in family too! Yes, I hope youngsters got me! Jokes apart, this application in android is really amazing and helps you to chat and watch at screen for long time at night. Now using this you can easily chat with your friends, girl friend or enjoy any kind of things in your mobile phone at night. Have a look!

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